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My intention to record daily intentions on my blog has not manifested, not that intentions are not a daily practice for me, it has simply been a scheduling issue.

It is my practice to begin each day intentionally, taking a few precious moments before I get out of bed to consider the day in front of me, who will cross my path, what is on the schedule, and to decide how I want to ‘BE’ in each circumstance. All this said, my intentions are generally not recorded any other way, yet I know this to be a powerful practice.

Yesterday, I facilitated the second day of our most recent ME FIRST Retreat. I am immensely grateful for this work and the call to serve in this way. I believe that coaching saves lives, the notion of ‘waking up before we die’ much larger than I could have conceived it to be when I first began writing the book and delivering the ME FIRST programs.

As one participant described yesterday, “Following our first ME FIRST day something inside m cracked open. It’s like I am eating through the layers to finally finding myself for the first time. And when I started doing so, the relationships around me began to change too, with my husband and kids, even with my students. Being clear about what I want for me, opens the door for others as well.”

During the day I was also reminded of the Hawaiian tradition of Ho’oponopono, which means to make right, with the ancestors, or with the people with whom you have relationships. Ho’oponopono is a powerful forgiveness tool, which releases the energy that becomes tied up when we are unable to move forward in our relationships with others. In healing these relationships, we can call another person into our vision and then follow this simple four step process:

  1. Say I love you
  2. I’m sorry
  3. Please forgive me
  4. Thank you

So simple yet powerful. Check out the research which has been conducted in this regard. Better still try this yourself with a relationship that you want to shift.

 As so often happens, my great teachers are those whom I teach. Rarely do I facilitate a retreat day without experiencing my own AHA’s, and I think this really is the essence of ME FIRST. To find that quiet space inside oneself and lay claim to it allows space for possibility, provides a new lens through which to view life, fosters clarity and builds relationships, not only with oneself, but with others. This is what has become clear to me!

Until next time…


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Today,  November 26th, 2009, my intentions are:

I intend to throw the doors of roadSIGNS wide open to welcome in new perfect clients and new perfect possibilities.

I intend to share ME FIRST – If I Should Wake before I Die with the world, a tidal wave of ME FIRST energy.

I intend to dedicate my days to love, joy and peace.

Today I am grateful for:

  • surpassing 600 ME FIRST books sold in 10 weeks
  • the opportunity to meet with coaching clients and to know that coaching saves lives
  • the abundance and wealth that exists in every corner of my life
  • the call to service that I have been given in this lifetime!

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and colleagues.

Until next time…


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Here are my intentions for today:

Today, November 25th, I intend to be inspired and inspiring, giving breath to those who cross my path.

I intend to live in courage, authenticity, love and grace in every moment.

I intend to have a healthy dental check-up and to be in all ways healed, whole and healthy.

I intend to expand ME FIRST and to invite more people into the conversation.

Today I am Grateful for:

  • a morning walk with 4 neighbours
  • a small windfall of cash from recycling old gold from my jewellery box
  • a full retreat registration for this weekend’s ME FIRST event
  • the support I am receiving from friends and colleagues in organizing events throughout 2010
  • trainloads of abundance

Until tomorrow….



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Two weeks ago I signed up for a 10 week program on Manifestation with Mathew Ferry. Yes, he is one of the Law of Attraction gurus if you will. And yes, I believe I understand the Law of Attraction, after all I teach others through the law. Yes and, I know I can learn more and it feels like just the perfect time to do some fine tuning on my own practices. It is important to sharpen the saw as Stephen Covey once suggested. As part of this week’s program, we were asked to commit to setting daily intentions. I do this anyway and I thought writing them out would be even better, Sharing them ups the ante even more. So here I am. Care to join me?

My intentions for this day are:
Today, Tuesday, Nov. 24th I intend to be courageous, breathing my ME FIRST messages into the world and staying the course.

I intend to make heart centered connections with all those who cross my path today, whether in person, by phone or e-mail.

I intend to engage in the Power of Contribution Game and to understand where I can make a difference.

I intend to attract new possibilities and opportunities to expand my work.

I intend to attract readers to my blog and have them join me on this journey of intention and consciousness!


Until tomorrow…


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Moments Reprise

Yesterday we celebrated the 60th anniversary of Ron and Dorothy Healey, my in-laws. Jim and I hosted the event, an event which has been in the planning for several months now since Mary, my sister-in-law, first asked if we would consider having the celebration here. We were thrilled as hosting a family event has long been in our ‘attraction plans’.

It was only a couple of days ago that we solved the biggest dilemma – how to seat everyone, 24 in all, when our dining room table only seats 12. With my question out to the universe, the answer came in a flash of inspiration as I returned from a meeting in Ottawa. So simple – move the couch! Push it to the side of the room. All the pieces fell into place in that one moment, the other tables we had could then be placed around the room and voila, we could create a café! 

I was still uncertain about the plan until Jim and I actually moved the furniture. And then the miracle, we began setting the tables, tablecloths, napkins, cutlery, name tags, flowers, candles, wine  goblets, and when we looked up my café vision had been realized.

I have found that there are those special moments in life which I do not want to end. Yesterday was one of them, from creating the environment, to the scent of Julia’s wonderful meal wafting from the kitchen, to the arrival of the guests. As each of Jim’s siblings arrived, followed by his parents, and finally their friends, I savored each minute. Is it just me, or do all of us love to have our home graced by those whom we love?

I watched the enjoyment on my in-laws faces as the party began. The raucous laughter from the dining room during the meal, made this group of 80 year olds sound more like a bunch of teenagers. The room radiated fun and joy and memories. The groupings around the living room were engaged in their own conversations, looking up on occasion as another round of laughter rippled through the house.

Mom and Dad, their Children and the 'Out-Laws"

Moments – special moments. They make up the fabric of our lives. Miracles – 60 years of marriage, family, stories, friends, laughter – they are with us everyday. I am in a moment of extraordinary grace as I reflect on yesterday. I want to hold onto these moments and miracles of life. These moments are our legacy.

Until next time….


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A day consists of 1400 minutes, and each minute is filled with many moments. Each moment contains the essence of a miracle. Most miracles go unnoticed.

As I joined Jim and my neighbors for our morning walk, I tuned in to the miracle of the frost lined surfaces of every element of nature, the crowning glory of the many dead flower heads, turning their browned edges to diamond studded tiaras. As the sun rose above the trees, the morning glittered. A train whistle blew in the distance, one of my roadSIGNS, reminding me of the trainloads of abundance that exist in my life. The chocolate colored llama, who usually greets us with a nasty hiss, stood placidly in his corral, his back glistening from the frost. I wondered, had he been outside all night taking in the star showers predicted in the news. Arriving home, I walked our garden labyrinth. Still in the shade, nothing had melted and I took delight in studying the geometric patterns created by the coolness of the night before. In all, it was a buffet of gourmet delights, stimulating my senses and waking me up to the miracles of the day. 

I find it is so easy to be complacent, to wake up haunted by the night’s dreams or the early morning worries that filter through my head. I remind myself that my thoughts and feelings are what I will attract, yet I seem unable, at times, to ‘flip’ them to a much more perfect place, that place of abundance and joy. I ask my higher power for help, and then, as if answering my prayer, there is the glory of this morning. When I return to the house, my own miracle has happened, my spirits have lifted and I feel renewed and awake and fully alive.

Moments – I am learning that I need only to be in them fully. Allowing myself to ‘BE’ with the miracles that surround me, lifts me, and once again I can fly. Inhabit you moments and witness your miracles.

Until next time…


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Glass Ceilings

I always thought of glass ceilings as those artificial limitations placed upon individuals, typically women, in the workplace; the suggestion, and in many cases the reality, that women could not rise above a certain rank within their organization. This too has come to pass as women shift into executive ranks of companies, although just today I saw a new initiative from the Women’s Executive Network to mentor women for positions on the Board of Directors for Fortune 500 companies. I guess we as women continue to have to break through that ceiling.

All this aside, another view of the glass ceiling was proposed by one of my ME FIRST Retreat participants last weekend. We were discussing intentions and how powerful they are.

Let me pause for a moment to clarify that an intention is not a goal, it is not attached to a concrete outcome. An intention however is a ‘want’, a desire, a question and most definitely an energy. Remember that old adage ‘be careful for what you wish for’ – yep, it’s true! When we set our intentions we want to understand that we are sending out a request to the Universe and that it will be answered, although often not in the form we expect.

Intentions are, never the less very important if we want to shift our life to that place we want for ourselves rather than the life that seems to be dictated to us by others or by life’s circumstances.

Back to the glass ceiling. Donna (not her real name) began to ruminate about how she has been setting a glass ceiling on her intentions. I was definitely curious as she explained that she hesitated to ask for more than she thought was possible. “Was she limiting herself?”, she inquired.

A lively discussion ensued regarding how we are our own worse enemy when it comes to stretching, dreaming and living in the land of possibility.

The thing is an intention is a powerful force, a wave of energy we set forth. Can we really contain it, set that glass ceiling. It is my belief that the Universe knows better that we do what is in our highest good and it is not limited by our personal belief systems regarding our self-worth or what is possible.

I did think Donna’s comment however to be thought-provoking and I am examining where in my life I am imposing my own glass ceilings. And I have found a few already. Man, I really want to start breaking through, because I have a lot I want to offer the world and I have no time for artificial boundaries created by my own limited imagination. How about you?

Until next time….


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