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On January 24th I had the opportunity to see the movie Avatar. On the surface, like so many of these American blockbusters, the movie was about good and evil, peace and war, love and fear. Cutting through those threads you also see the secondary theme of stewardship versus greed, that human trait that leads us to destroy what is in our path when there are resources to be harvested, failing to consider the long term effects of our actions.

The movie is clear, humans have destroyed Mother Earth and now they are seeking the necessary resources elsewhere leaving, yet again, a path of destruction in their wake. I have to admit the message of the movie weighted me down. I had to sit with it overnight and re-consider the movie in the early morning hours.

When I did, and I allowed all the violence and destruction within the film to evaporate, I was able to remember the beauty of it, the magnificent creatures that inhabited this amazing planet, Pandora. This was my roadSIGN, the quiet themes that ran behind the scenes that had initially occupied my attention.

The indigenous peoples of Pandora, the Nabi, understood the interconnectedness of all life. They saw all life as sacred, whether that was a member of their own species, another animal, or plant form. Their greeting to one another was, “I see you”, a greeting stated without judgment and deigned to connect with the other person at the heart versus head level.

Did James Cameron intend for this to be the real message of the film. I can’t say. What I know for sure is that once I allowed for it, and reflected on the film rather than accepting it for face value, there was that deeper richer meaning. And it has affected me.

As I write this column it is raining, and although this is January, it all seems perfect. I once heard rain described as Mother Earth’s tears, and I am thinking that perhaps we need to cry, often, for that is what washes away the greed, and the fear, and the destruction and allows both the earth, and us, to heal.

I am not here to sell you on the movie – clearly that will be your choice if you have not already seen it. Whether you have or you haven’t, I simply want to ask you, are you choosing, everyday, to be a good steward or are you driven by fear, or greed or desire for more. Do you take the time to connect, with yourself, with your family and friends, with nature? Do you see yourself, not for all the things you think you should be, but for the beauty of who you really are? Do you understand that when you become a good steward of you, holding yourself in unconditional love and high regard, that this ripples into the world around you. Isn’t it time to shift our relationship with ourselves and others?


At a meeting the other day, I heard someone saying that tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. I found this interesting for, as we know tomorrow never comes. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Today is the day when change begins. Today is the perfect time to change your conversation with you and shift from the inner-critic’s saboteur to your heart voice which speaks of respect and gratitude for who you are. Today is the time to begin blessing others rather than judging them, for everyone is in your life for a reason. Today is the day to begin to speak for Mother Earth, for she is as much a part of us as our own parents and children. Today is the day to begin a new journey and to step onto the path that you choose for you.

If not now, when?

I see you!

Until next time… Betty

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I have been writing about the Journey of Self-Discovery since 2002 in my monthly e-newsletter. It started as a way to test and develop my writing skills. Little did I know that 8 years later the result would also be 3 books.

Despite this, I recognize that I continue to be ‘in discovery’. And this is also the reason I love coaching others and facilitating ME FIRST Workshops and Retreats. Through my work I have the opportunity to witness, everyday, the discovery of others.

This past Saturday, Jan. 16th, I hosted a ME FIRST Renewal Day for those individuals who had previously participated in the ME FIRST Program. The purpose of the day was to remember and celebrate the key events of 2009, to review, and if necessary, revise the PGS (Personal Guidance System), and finally set intentions for 2010. The process was particularly powerful as it built upon each participants self-acknowledgements and the personal work they had previously completed.

The power of intention, which I have written about before in this blog, was evident. Different from goals and objectives, which are focused on a specific outcome and which can contract you, intentions expand you. They allow you to open to possibility. They ask you to trust and, once set, to understand that your life is on purpose. Finally intentions ask that you accept the offers which will appear down the line, even though the results which follow may be very different from what you thought it might be. Therein lies the expansion. It seems the Universe knows better than us what might be in our highest good.

Do intentions work? Yes, and once set, you also must pay attention, watch for the roadSIGNS. When the SIGNS appear, note them and express gratitude – this I have learned is key.

I am enormously privileged to be called to this work. The roadSIGNS Coach is my passion, working with individuals and teams to assist them in being clear on what it is they want, setting intentions and following how their life responds and unfolds.

In discovery, every moment of everyday. This might be the title of a new book!

Until next time….


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As a coach, one often feels alone and isolated. I have been in this field longer than most, since 1990. I did not call it coaching then, the term had not yet been coined as it applied to personal and professional development.

The isolation comes from working by yourself. Don’t get me wrong – I love what I do and why I do it. I see the rewards everyday when I witness the shifts occurring in my clients and I seeing them moving forward with their lives. The aloneness is more one of lack of collegiality.

Recently however I found the Montreal coaches network and, for the second time this past Friday, I attended the morning breakfast. There I met others, who like myself, are coaches, each with their own speciality and unique approach. What truly inspired me is that the group is there to collaborate and support one another – there is no competition.

In addition to finding this community, each month features a guest speaker. This month Kurt Shuster from Vancouver spoke in regard to Positive Psychology.

What is Positive Psychology – the study of human flourishing, the science of happiness. Positive Psychology, as I learned, is the science that validates what I do, that coaching clients through the Law of Attraction and helping them shift to a positive versus negative world view can be proven empirically to change a person’s life.

Now I always knew that yet somehow when someone says to me that they can prove that what I do makes a difference, it makes my work seem more legitimate. Perhaps that is the old scientifically based physiotherapist who resides in my body.

As an example, Kurt talked about the research on approach versus avoidance goals. An approach goal would state something like, I want to be on time for all my meetings, where as an avoidance goal would state, I don’t want to be late. The approach goal students who participated in this study were, as you can imagine, more successful

This idea is also fundamental to the Law Of Attraction which states that you must be clear on what you want rather than stating what you don’t what. Whatever you give your focus to will manifest. It matters.

Next Kurt presented the four pillars of Well-Being: positive emotions, character, engagement and meaning, and positive relationships. While we did not have time to discuss all of these in detail, you can see that the relationship between the pillars and how you choose to live in the world. In the end, it always come back to you and I. We are responsible for our own happiness and it is within our power to be happy or not. Happiness is not based on some magic bullet that lies outside of us.

An additional piece of research regarding Character, Strengths and Virtues (Christopher Peterson et al)  examined the qualities that are associated with a strong sense of well-being. The research found that, across cultures, the five strengths associated with Well-Being are hope, gratitude, curiosity, zest, and the capacity to love and be loved. In addition, their research showed that the 2 strengths associated with work satisfaction are hope and zest (passion, excitement and energy).

You can take the VIA strengths assessment to evaluate your strengths at www.viacharacter.org and visit the science of coaching blog at www.blog.noomii.com if all of this interests you.

This is only a brief summary of Kurt’s lecture – there was much more. I share it with you as I felt uplifted by the presentation, connected with a community of coaches, and validated for the work I choose to do. It is clear that each of us needs support, whether you are the coach or the coachee, and that support, if well chosen, lifts our spirits and helps us in taking on the world in a positive way.

Life is Good - Maintain an attitude of gratitude!

Have an attitude of gratitude and see how this influences your life.

Until next time…


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I just tried to sign up for twitter. It assumed it would be easy yes and I want to use this social media tool intentionally. So before Christmas I signed up for a ‘Spiritual Twitter”‘ program with a colleague of mine. I just didn’t get around to doing the course through the holidays so today I decided was the day. My username and password had expired. Okay I thought, I’ll just go in and sign up anyway. First, I was told my password was weak. Second the roadSIGNS Coach was taken – really? Third I could not read the gobbly goop on the bottom of the screen, then I was kicked out as the “website expired”. Okay, I have to ask myself, am I really that much of a twit, do I really need to tweet, is this really an important social networking tool or is all that happened simply a roadSIGN for DON”T BOTHER!’ Anyone got any suggestions. I heard the other day that by the end of 2010 Twitter would have no relevance – maybe I should follow the advice of the unknown ‘they’ and just leave it alone.

Okay, that is my carp for today! I am sure I can spend my time on much more significant things including finishing the proposal I am writing and completing the new 2010 coaching offerings.

My intentions for this year:
1) To live in the abundance of each day and be grateful for all that is

Reminds me to Seize everyday with extraordinary gratitude!

2) To stay centered in my own authenticity and build my life and business from this place

Yep - This looks authentic to me!

3) To expand roadSIGNS, ME FIRST and the Tigh Shee Healing Center

2010 is time to dream and vision all that we want to manifest!

4) To be in perfect health

Great SIGN form California - Keep Me Healthy

Watch for your SIGNS – Until Next Time


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It’s a New Year!

Around about mid day on December 31st, I began considering what was up for me as 2010 approached. It was then that I realized that we were not just entering a new year, but also a new decade. It seemed like more than a page turning – more like an entire chapter.

Of course 2010 is also a big one for me personally – it is the year I will turn 60. (I am in denial about this hence the reason for putting it right out there. How could I possibly be on the brink of turning 60?)

We welcomed in the New Year by stepping outside just before the hands of the clocked ticked past midnight. It was a full moon, and a blue moon (the second full moon of the month and a rarity). The air was cool but not cold, just below freezing, charged with energy and brilliance, snow softly falling.

The cloud cover was not heavy enough to obliterate the full moon and as we looked skyward we could see it’s silhouette. It had the appearance of being blue.

With my face pointed up I could feel the snow flakes landing on my cheeks, like a hundred tiny kisses, teasing me and enticing me – it’s a brand new year! Four of us began to walk the labyrinth, slowly, taking in the snow diamonds that sparkled around us, being present within ourselves and intentionally considering what we want the next year/decade to bring to us and how we are called to serve.

It was one of those magical moments, like the scene from I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas when they open the large doors at the end of the movie and everyone realizes it is snowing outside.

Sandy, Betty and Joan in the Labyrinth

 We returned to the warmth of our living room to rejoin the others and raise a glass. As is our tradition we turned on Time from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, and turned the volume up high listening to the clocks and clanging of the song’s opening. 

Here we are three days later and I am still filled with excitement and expectation. I have a sense of the great ‘what if…” as well. And in this I wish each of you a spectacular New Year where your dreams come true and your vision manifests.

Until next time,


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