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I was enjoying W5 last Sunday, appreciating a story about two young soldiers who had decided to race a car in Newfoundland’s notorious race the Targa. The story led off with two soldiers, one leg, and profiled two young soldiers, Andrew Knisley and Jody Mitic, who had returned from Afghanistan with significant physical challenges as the result of loosing one or both legs.

Having been a physiotherapist in my past life and having had the opportunity to work with amputees, I was very impressed with their recovery. More importantly I was taken with their attitude and their courage. Andrew Knisley and Jody Mitic had no previous experience with racing and the Targa is not for the faint of heart. They wanted however to make a point that being an amputee does not have to be a disability and to raise money and awareness for their cause Soldiering On. I was inspired.

Turn to the commercials. During the airing of this show I was stunned when a new video game was promoted showing an average Canadian female teenager and other players holding machine guns. Graphics exploded around them with the sounds of war. The commercial ended with ‘there’s a soldier in all of us!’ Are you kidding me – this can’t be real I thought to myself. Here we are watching a show regarding the results of war and surviving the consequences and this game encourages players to go to war. I get it – it’s only a virtual situation, yes and is this really what we want our kids to become. I was shocked.

I know, I am ranting. In one hour I witnessed the heroism of Andrew Knisley and Jody Mitic balanced with a thoughtless video game that promotes war.

Rather than being a soldier, I suggest we become peaceful warriors. Peace begins with each of us making peace within. Peace as I have learned is an illusive concept when a good portion of the world are at war with themselves. Knowing this, wouldn’t time and energy be better used in a video game of self-discovery, of having the courage to visit the inner terrain of self and tame the self-critic, of learning to make peace with all the personal demons. Do we really want to be soldiers?

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On the Road Again

Sitting in the Calgary airoort and taking in the view – fresh snow fell over night in the mountains. The white caps are glowing in the morning sun.

I am on my way to Winnipeg, the 8th stop on my second cross country tour for one of my pharma clients. It continues to amaze me that I can travel to all these cities, beginning with London and Toronto week one, then on to St. John’s, Edmonton, Victoria and Vancouver week two, and finally Calgary, Winnipeg and Ottawa week three. Somehow the notion of travelling these great distances continues to defy my imagination, even though I have done it many times.

Jim joined me for a 4 day hiatus over the weekend and we have been fortunate to walk the city trails, enjoying Prince’s Park, as well as driving out to Canmore to visit with friends and enjoy the mountainous scenery up close. The Rockies are a rare beauty to be enjoyed, as is the Harbour walk in Victoria and Signal Hill in NFLD, all of which I have experienced in this last week. I feel like a European tourist completing a cross county tour of Canada in one week.

What have I learned along the way:
– how to disrobe quickly, shedding shoes, belts and jackets, at each check point
– to be diligent regarding any liquid, gel or paste in my hand luggage – I have had several items confiscated
– to always maintain a sense of humour with the folks tearing my luggage apart as it makes my experience and their day that much more pleasant
– to always be early so not to have to panic when the check in process has a very long line
– to offer attractionCARDS to those who cross my path – they always put a smile on the faces of agents and others in jobs that can be challenging.
– to have a light fiction in hand to read and use this for entertainment – sex and smut is the best!
– to have a great mix of work and pleasure, get lots of sleep and eat well
– to breathe deeply whenever any suggestion of stress appears
– to set intentions for each event I facilitate and enjoy the participants for who they are (this is after all a series on communicating with different energies)
– to love my way everyday.

I am so grateful to The Universe for affording me this opportunity to touch the lives of others, if only in a small way (or something better).

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