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A coaching client of mine recently shared with me the idea of Bullying by omission. Curious, I asked her what this meant. She shared that this type of bullying is subtle and insidious, occurring behind a person’s back. It is bullying through exclusion, gossip, decision-making and more. With this post, I begin exploring the idea of bullying by omission – gossip. (more…)

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I Want to RANT!

I want to RANT!

I think I have been watching too much of Rick Mercer lately as I find myself with RANT – envy. Why do I want to rant – another federal election! More importantly I want to rant because of how the campaign is being run, by all parties. Do these politicians think we are so stupid that we can’t see through all their negative politicking? Is it only me or are you also tired of our federal politicians picking away at the flesh of their fellow political leaders like a bunch of vultures at a road kill buffet. I am tired of it!

Negative politicking is, in my view, a way of telling us that they really either: a) have no idea what their platform is or what they as leaders (I use the word lightly here) stand for or b) they really have no idea what we as Canadians think is important. No wonder the number of voters are declining – we are not clear about what we are voting for, we can only decide which of the evil triplets (I don’t count Duceppe) is the least harmful.

I will take a deep breath at this point – I feel better. I am not however, changing the subject. There is a saying that a country gets the government it deserves. I really dislike this saying. As I survey the political landscape of Canada and the paucity of true leadership that exists at the national level, I realize that somehow we as Canadian citizens have attracted this. I know that as you read this, you are probably throwing your hands in the air and saying not me! I know I have done so and yet I acknowledge that I am partly responsible. For years, like many of you, I have focused on what I dislike about our federal leaders. I have complained and yes, as you know, I have ranted. Not once however have I come up for air and stipulated what, in my view, would be more perfect for me. I have not focused on what I really want from my political leaders, I have been too busy focusing on what I don’t want. The Law of Attraction would tell me that by doing so, I am actually attracting more of what I don’t want.

So I suppose I should simply get off my high horse and get down to earth and become really clear about what it is I really want.

Here goes – my perfect political leader:
• has a compelling vision for our country which inspires me and my fellow Canadians
• has a political agenda which addresses the important issues our country faces
• clearly articulates their vision and their platform to me
• are values-centered and principled/ethical
• believe in and support the Canadian political system
• are honest
• communicate their views passionately, from both their head and their heart
• are environmentally conscious and forward thinking
• focus their attention on communicating who they are and what they stand for rather than criticizing their opponents
• are respectful of us, the Canadian voters
• are in touch with the reality of Canadian society and what our real needs are.

I now hand this over to you with the following invitation – let’s stop complaining and start acting. Your first action is to become clear on what you really want and expect from our Canadian leaders. Use my list as a kick start if you want.

Okay – you can rant too if you really want to! But then take the time to clarify your expectations. This is the only way we can create change.

Until next time… Betty

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