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There are moments in your life when it feels like something is shifting. If you are asked to pinpoint exactly what it is, you hesitate because it is difficult to name. You have a sense that you are approaching a new junction in your life, perhaps related to career, relationships, or simply how you are choosing to live every day. It is almost like holding your breath.

I refer to these moments as growing pains. You may be thinking, “I haven’t had growing pains since I was a teenager.” Well look again. Take a glance back over your life and ask yourself, when has my life changed directions in some way or another. I sincerely hope your response is not “NEVER’.

In my baby boomer generation there was a notion which I really never understood and that was one job, one set of lifelong friends, perhaps even one home. Is it only me or was that the ultimate fallacy. And it has not been my experience.

I am not judging you if it was yours but you have to admit that somewhere along the way your life changed course with or without you and you were forced to look at life differently than what was once promised to you. Certainly as time goes on, and each subsequent generation enters the workforce, these promises have changed significantly. Now we prepare young adults for the possibility of 3-4 careers over a lifetime, frequent changes in geographical location, and virtual relationships through social networking. It is rapidly becoming a different world. Growing pains.

These describe the external variables. The landscape within you is another world of shifts and changes. Who among you would say that you are the same person you were ten years ago or even yesterday. Every moment of every day adds a new experience to your life. It would be foolish for us to think that we are not changed by life’s events. And why would we want to be static anyway when life is a dynamic process. Changes can be trying and change can be exciting and for some reason all change is perfect. It may not feel so at the time, but let me assure you that everything within your life occurs for a reason. Growing pains.

But what do you do with all this growth, with this sense that something inside you is changing. Do you have control over it? Can you give this change within you direction? Absolutely. The first step is to choose to be conscious, to be aware that you sense a change occurring. Secondly be curious and ask yourself, and your higher power if you ascribe to the idea of the Universe, what it all means. Third, watch for the roadSIGNS that are appearing all around you. This is where being aware and paying attention becomes very important. Forth, relax, be in the energy of change; embrace it and go with the flow.

Growing pains – this is what makes life an interesting journey. Be honest – would you have it any other way? Welcome aboard the change train. You might as well come along for the ride ‘cause with or without you the train is pulling out of the station. It is time to change, time to stretch and yes, time to grow in ways you had not even considered. WeHoo!

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