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Sharp Edges

I am thoroughly enjoying the summer weather we have been experiencing in Eastern Ontario. Yes there is the occasional steamy day, but for the most part the days have been hot and the nights cool. How perfect is that?

Each morning I sit on my front porch with Jim, sipping my morning shake, breathing in the aroma of the flowers and communing with the nature that surrounds us. When I focus on these surroundings, I have noticed that there are days when the edges are sharp and days when the edges are soft. Sharp edge days happen when the weather is hot yet dry, the nights cool or there has just been a refreshing shower. When you look out at the gardens everything is fresh and crisp, the plants alert and singing, shadows clearly defined.

By contrast, the soft edge days are those humid ones where the air is heavy. Life in the gardens looks fuzzy and blurred.

It seems to me that life is also full of sharp and soft edges. When you embrace a sharp edged perspective, you are clear, crisp and clean. You know what it is you want and, as a result, you are able to move forward with your life. You set a course for yourself and take the steps to move in that direction. You have a clear sense of boundaries. You know where and when to say ‘YES’ and, more importantly, when to say ‘NO’. You have defined your core values, those important principles by which you choose to live. Sharpness means clarity.

Softness implies the opposite. You are unclear about what you want and find yourself focused on what you don’t want. As a result, little in your life changes because you keep attracting the same things over and over again. As a result, your life is on hold. Your edges, your boundaries, are fuzzy and blurred, perhaps even non-defined. You find yourself saying ‘YES’ to any request and frequently find yourself overburdened or overwhelmed.

As a life coach-consultant, it is clear to me that the clients who choose the path of sharp edges, manifest the life they really want. They embrace the idea of clarity, naming what they want and follow this with clear actions that match what they want. They step-up fully to their full potential and to everything life has to offer them. They are amazed that when they actually take the time to be clear and sharp, what they want manifests quickly.

If you are living a soft edge life, is it time to shift? If you are ready, take the following steps.

First turn all of your ‘do not wants’ into ‘do wants’. What most people don’t recognize is that wherever your attention goes, energy flows. That is to say, when you focus on what you don’t want, you get more of it.

Second, take action. Action implies doing something specific that takes you in the direction of what you want. It may also be a new way of being such as believing in yourself, believing you are worthy of having what you want, and turning down the volume of your self-critic.

Finally, establish your personal boundaries and start being clear about your ‘YES’s’ and ‘NO’s’. Assess what is important and meaningful to you and what is yours to own. If a request is made of you and intuitively you know it is not yours to own, chances are it belongs to someone else.

These are the three easy steps for living in the land of sharp edges.

Are you ready?


Until next time…


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