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I am sitting in my friend Betty Jones’ house, propped up in bed. As I glance out the window to my right the Great Smokey mountains fall away in layers, shades of grey with the early morning fog lingering in the valleys, the fog that gives this sacred place its name. We have been here for two days visiting friends. Each time I return here I feel a deeper connection. There is a sacredness here, an ancient history, a sense that spirit and spirits reside here, a place to clear your head and be open to receive. Yesterday, as we trekked into the mountains following Betty’s lead, we traced through mountain meadows lined with flowers, took in water falls, smelled the forest floor, and imagined how the landscape will change which each new season and each new bloom.

Along the path, when you allow it, spirit speaks to you. The events of the world are not evident here. All sound reflects nature and nature only; it speaks of peace and beauty and perhaps most importantly, it speaks of what is truly important – the earth. I am reminded how important it is to be in places such of this, away from the frenetic pace each of us gets caught up in and the illusion of what seems to be important. Very little of it is and I believe that if I could convince each person to simply stop, breathe, and really communicate with Mother Earth, we would remember why we came here in the first place.

At then end of our day, back home, the rains came followed by the late afternoon light and that magical event – a rainbow. This for me is the ultimate SIGN for hope, and peace, and love, and yes the gold that lies at the end. Let us mine this gold and remember, today and everyday, the important of what is right before us. Let us remember what we are here to do and who we are called to be. Let us listen to the media and what the pundants tell us with great scepticism for this is not the truth of the world.

From my philosophical space of spirit this morning, I send you this invitation and ask you to be more conscious of what surrounds you and to create space to communicate with spirit, as you know it, every day. Let this be your guide. We have entered an important era in the evolution of humanity, birthing a new way for each of us to BE in the world.

Until next time,


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I have been vacationing in Miami Beach for the last two weeks, my first Florida vacation. It did seem a bit strange, vacationing in a city rather than in the country side which has been our habit. Now that I reside in the country the city scape was a pleasant experience and I have to say that Miami is a beautiful place.

Back to the idea of vacation, I find it remarkable that once I begin to relax and sink into my days, the anxieties of day-to-day living evaporate. A new rhythm is established for living the moments of each day. Suddenly there is space for me as well as all those important dreams and ideas that get pushed aside in the normal pace of life.

Early last week I had one of my dream visions. These are more vivid and real than normal dreams and tend to stay with me. I assume that is because they have some deeper meaning and that perhaps the Universe is attempting to communicate something important to me. In this dream I found a child, very young, cold, craving attention, curious. I immediately slipped into my mothering role, hovering over the infant, hugging and loving her. The child seemed to be in need of my care, underdeveloped and undernourished. In the few minutes of this dream the relationship between me and the child grew very intense and I awoke with a start, wondering what the dream meant, assessing whether I was being called in some way to work with children.

I have learned that my dreams, and probably yours, are metaphors for something deeper and as such, need not be interpreted literally. They are simply images of something missing in life or of something to come. Rarely do they mean exactly what they seem. With this in mind I relaxed and simply lay in bed with the images and the feelings that the dream conjured up. As I did so I began to wonder about the child and whether child I had found was me, Betty-Jane.

While I have been away I have given myself the opportunity of writing and coloring in our new ME FIRST Playbook. (It’s always a good idea to use the tools you create for others!).  I have a full set of colored pencils and using them I have immersed myself in filling in the images created by Tracy Lynn for the Playbook. As a child I loved to draw and color, in fact my mother often told me that I was drawing as soon as I understood how to hold a pencil. The act of coloring kick starts the brain differently. It is rather mindless as an activity yet it is mind opening as it allows you to banish other thoughtform and create space for your child to emerge. The child’s energy is about wonder, curiosity and creativity and of course, playfulness. It is about the dreams you had about who you would become when you grew up, some of which you may have realizes while other were buried.

As I lingered under the covers with my dream memory, I saw myself again as a child with my friends Muriel and Charmaine. On warm summer days, we created castles out of blankets and lawn chairs. In the rooms of our creations we lined up all our dolls. Here was where I taught my first lessons and the dolls were the very best students. There is something in each of us that understands very early in life what we are called to do in our life. Teaching was my calling. It was not the career I chose initially however and one I have come back to.

I am still considering what else the dream was showing me and I am left with the question “where did Betty-Jane go and what dreams did she have that I have forgotten?” It is a great question to consider, not for the purpose of digging up the past but rather to wonder what your child spirit most desired and whether this desire serves you now in your life.

My childhood was interrupted when my parents separated. I can mourn this or I can give myself permission to simply unlock the door on Betty-Jane’s room and let her out to play, to re-capture her child energy and to embrace her qualities of curiosity and creativity.

Imagine if you did the same. Why not extend a hand to your child energy and invite her/him out to play with you once again. What would you remember about you? What are the dreams you had as a child and how have these manifested? If they haven’t, why not realize them now? It is never too late.

Remember that your child knew you in many ways better than you know yourself; she knew you before all the rules of the world were piled on your shoulders. Create some space in your life to have a visit with your Betty-Jane.

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After a busy weekend of couples coaching followed by an equally busy Monday, Jim and I arrived in our office to find that our internet system had died. Living rurally, access to internet is not what you might imagine when you live in the city. Our reality is that there are places much more remote than us who have better internet access than we do. That said, running a business from your home means, especially in 2012, staying connected with your clients. We were not happy campers.

Of course I was oblivious to the situation initially as I was engaged in other aspects of what we do every day. It was only when I saw Jim’s dismay that I became fully aware. His aura, shall we say, was rather dark, his demeanor abrupt, and his patience non-existent. He was going UPSTREAM and for all the right reasons. It’s just that going upstream does not serve you at all, even when things are frustrating and apparently not going your way.

Jim and I have this agreement that when either of us is going upstream we ask what will it take to go downstream? I know you are wondering what the heck I am talking about so let me explain. When you go upstream you are going against the current which means of course that you consume much more energy and effort. To turn downstream is to go with the flow and to allow yourself to be carried along easily and effortlessly. Upstream also means you are in resistance and when in that state you are focused on what you DO NOT want. And guess what, you just keep getting more of the same. To go downstream is to relax, become conscious of what you want and ask for it, and let the Universe take care of the rest.

As you can imagine, Jim wasn’t immediately open to my downstream suggestion, yet he heard me. I suggested we set some intentions. “Such as?” he quipped.

Here is what I came up with:

~ we are attracting the perfect internet system to support our expanding business
~the installation of the new service will be easy and effortless
~ the new system will be easily maintained and supported by incredible technical assistance.

At this point Jim placed a call to our current provider where upon he learned that they no longer had any technical support available to us and confirmed that indeed our system was no longer operating. Great! Actually this confirmed what we already knew. We could have been angry or simply accept this as an invitation to move on.

The second call was made to a new provider who had informed us several months ago that they would soon have service available in our area. This call proved productive – exactly 6 days earlier the new system had become available and in fact they were just about to contact us as we had been on their waiting list. Two days later their technician arrived and within three hours we were up and running once again – yes, easy and effortless. Finally they have a package specifically for business owners assuring us that they will be here to provide service within 24 hours of a problem. Cool!


What can I tell you – it works. So the next time you feel like you are fighting an uphill battle against someone or something, STOP! It doesn’t work. You need to come up for air, breathe, and change directions. Take a moment to clear the space in your head and replace resistance with what it is you really want. Then simply allow it to unfold and relax, go with the flow, watch what shows up. Jim and I are still learning and the Internet Incident is proof! Ah, an opportunity to practice what we teach. You have to love that!

Paddling downstream….



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