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Since returning to the Cornwall Region in 2000, I have had the good fortune to coach and work with many of Cornwall’s local artists. It is work I truly love as it gives me the opportunity to play with those extraordinary creative souls who bring beauty to places and spaces. What and who would we be without the influence of art in our lives?

Kirsty’s Flowers – Part of the Downtown mural created by Cornwall artists

One of the reasons that I choose to coach in this arena is that artists, while creative, often do not see the value they bring to society. As a result they tend to underplay their gifts. While there is no doubt that being an artist, and more importantly making a living at being an artist, can be trying, it is essential that the artist believes in him or herself first.

Too often I have heard the following flowing from and artist’s lips – “I am just a poor starving artist”. I recoil at the words and wonder why one would even put that out into the world. Step back for a moment and listen again to the words – I am a poor starving artist. While the phrase may simply be meant as a statement of affairs, or perhaps to garner sympathy for one’s plight as an artist, I am compelled to ask, “Really?”

Yes, really. Now artists are not the only group guilty of this ‘sin’, that of undermining their worth. I have heard the same words uttered from the many folks I know who work with energy and healing therapies. For whatever reason, there seems to be a belief within both communities that the gifts they have to offer are either not valued or not worth being paid for. And this is a LIMITING BELIEF!

Limiting beliefs are those things you tell yourself that have no basis in fact. They do come from the collective, that is ‘they’, whomever they are, have been saying this over and over to everyone they know until it simply becomes an accepted fact that you can’t make money being an artist or a healer. It moves into your psyche and whenever you approach financial success the little voice in your head rears its head and repeats the mantra, “I am a poor starving artist”.

It’s a vicious cycle!

As I stated above however, we all have our story, that is, our own set of limiting beliefs which usually go something like, “you can’t do that—– because….. You can fill in the blank. If you listen in, you will hear the story and even though you may not believe it anymore, it still pops up. You recognize that when it does it steals your breath. You see your mother’s finger pointing at you or an old teacher scolding you. The old stories you see come from your choir, the team of critics who have lined up over the years to keep YOU in your place. Guess what? They are out of date and it is time to write a new story.

What will your story be? Last week, I spent 2 hours with one of my coaches, a remarkable man named John Heney. He uses a very interesting technique for getting us out of our old story and into a new one. This is how it goes –

Ladies and Gentlemen,
on behalf of all starving artists and healers in the world,
watch me ROCK!
Watch me walk the path of success and financial abundance!

This action is done full throttle, arms flung wide open, face turned skyward, as you embrace what it is YOU really want. The truth is YOU don’t want to be a starving artist or whatever you old story is, you want something different, larger, beneficial to you and your future. You are tired of living small and the way your choir instructed you. You want to live large, and to live the life where you really are a true expression of who you are. Don’t YOU?

Here is the reality – YOU get to choose your story. You can live the one you were given or you can write a new script. Of course to write that new script, you must know what YOU want and what YOU want to attract to your life. Then you must step into it, as if it is already happening and be in the belief that your new story has arrived. When the Old Story creeps back into your space, and it will, smile and simply say, ‘you are out of date’.

Begin today – write your New Story! No more hesitating – time’s a wastin’!

Abundantly Yours,


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I have found myself dipping into an exercise from my past recently, an exercise called the Big Rocks. Here is how it goes. Take a large gallon sized jar and place it on your kitchen counter. Beside this place a number of fist sized rocks. Carefully place all of these rocks in the jar, to the point where you cannot place any additional rocks in the jar.

You will notice that the jar is full – or is it?

Next, take two or more cups of gravel and pour this into the jar. As you gently shake the jar, the gravel settles down around the larger rocks. Once again the jar appears full, but is it?

Now take two to three cups of sand and pour that into your container. You will notice that the sand filters down around the large rocks and the gravel filling in all the crevices. Again the jar appears full – is it?

Finally add a large jug of water to all the other ingredients. You may be surprised just how much water you can add. Now the jar is full.

What if you had reversed the order, filling the jar with water, sand or gravel first, would you have had space for the big rocks? The answer of course is NO.

And so it is with life. We forget to look at our priorities or what we consciously want to fill our life with and the space gets filled anyway, with the gravel of demands made on our time, with the sand of taking on things that don’t belong to us, and with the water of “should’s, have to’s and must do’s”. When your days come to an end you realize that everything that is truly important simply has no space.

What are your big rocks? At a ‘being’ level they represent your intentions and your clarity regarding what you want to attract in your life. At a ‘doing’ level your big rocks represent your priorities, the things you really want to get done to forward the action on your life or your business. They would be the first items you would put into your daily agenda and they would be the items that are non-negotiable.

Here’s what happens however. Your priorities get pushed aside because you have not learned how to say NO to the demands of others or you get caught in the trap that something else looks more appealing at the moment. Now I don’t want to suggest that knowing your big rocks make you inflexible, in fact I suggest it is just the opposite. You simply want to become conscious regarding your emotional, spiritual, and physical big rocks and where they belong in your life. Once you know this, everything else, the gravel, sand and water can be placed around and you have whatever flexibility you need with that.

Knowing your big rocks is an antidote for what I refer to as spinning, being in action without being clear on why you are doing what you are doing. It is simple to plan for. In terms of being, the big rocks require simply taking a few minutes at the beginning of your day to be clear and intentional about who you want to be that day, your ripple effect, and what are the main items on your to do list. On a weekly basis, planning you big rocks ahead of time and placing them in your agenda means, this time is for this big rock and this in non-negotiable. If you give up space for one of your big rocks, you cannot get it back.

I encourage you to include scheduled ME FIRST time as one of your Big Rocks. In fact this may be the most important time you spend every day and remember, it takes on 1% of your day, or 15 minutes to begin a ME FIRST practice. Imagine if dedicating simply 15 minutes of your daily schedule was the most important Big Rock of all and imagine if this simple practice changed everything. Wow, that really would shift how the space in your life is filled and, most importantly, you would be living the life you want for you rather than the life others expect of you.

Start today – name and claim your Big Rocks!

Until next time….


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So few people recognize the influence they actually have, whether that is among friends and family or where they work. You might be thinking to yourself, “Really. It doesn’t feel like that most of the time, in fact, I feel like I have no say what so ever.” And I understand that point of view as it is a view I once held.

My beliefs have however, shifted. The more I have studied the Law of Attraction, the more that I understand that what lives inside of me, my beliefs, my values, and my thoughts, are largely responsible for what I attract and experience in the world. According to the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. It is magnetic in that sense. Imagine that you are a magnet and that everything going on in your internal environment, your head and your heart, is exactly what you will draw into your life. Like attracts like.

Now you may be concerned about this because you are suddenly aware that what you have been focused on is not exactly positive, in fact it may be downright ugly and spirit depleting. No need to worry. You can change this by shifting your focus.

To begin the process imaging that you are a pebble, a beautiful multi-colored and multi-faceted one filled with vibrant energy. You are now dropped into a smooth glassy surface of water by some great universal force. Are you with me so far? As you envision this, notice what happens the moment you as a pebble strike the surface of the water. The point of contact sends out a series of ripples.

The water represents the water line of life. With you as a pebble, recognize that you get to consciously choose what energy you infuse in that waterline. You can choose to fuel those ripples with kindness, love, respect and joy or, on by contrast, with meanness, fear, judgment and ‘ich’.

Knowledge of this important ‘Ripple Effect’ is critical in shifting your life and using that old phrase ‘turning your life around’. It asks you to become consciously aware, every day, of the influence you want to have in the world. This is where your power gets fueled, for once you decide, you begin to attract a different energy from the outside world as well.

Imagine this: you wake up in the morning. Before jumping into your day, you take a few precious moments to consider the day ahead of you. Review the landscape
– who will you be with?
– what work will you be engaged in?
– what meetings will you be attending?
– what will you be doing?

Once you have a sense of what is before you, decide what your intention is for each situation. How do you want people to experience you? What do you want to add to any interaction at work?

You might decide on something like:
– I make heartfelt connections with everyone who crosses my path.
– I make a positive contribution to any projects I take on.
– I am open to new opportunities that come my way.
– I am a source of inspiration and joy.

Once you have formulated your intentions and offered them to the Universe, begin your day. Watch for the roadSIGNS, the small yet significant clues that your intentions are making a difference. And, most importantly, notice how others respond to you and how the energy around you shifts.

None of YOU are small, in fact you are much larger than you imagine. As soon as you turn your attention to living consciously and intentionally, your life begins to shift and your influence magnifies. Remember, thoughts and beliefs are intentions and if your thoughts and beliefs are tainted with the negative, your life reflects the same energy. You get to choose which field you play in, to be a beneficial influence to the world or a detrimental one. It begins with you and your intentions.

Here is my challenge to you – begin each day with intentions which are positive. You can even use the ones written above – I offer these to you. Practice doing this for 21 days (it takes 21 days to embed a new habit) and see what happens. Why not – you have nothing to lose except to begin to shift your life to a new place. Let me know what happens!

Until next time….


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